Medical Technology Insurance

Insurance coverage for:

  • Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturing
  • Surgical Equipment Manufacturing
  • Monitoring and treatment instruments manufacturing
  • Laboratory instruments and technology manufacturing
  • Veterinary instrument and technology manufacturing
  • Dental instruments and technologies manufacturing
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Clinical trials
  • And much more….

Liability Protection for:

  • Products or completed work
  • bodily injury to clinical trial subjects resulting from clinical trial
  • protection for product advisors, clinical trial facilitators, trial users and vendors
  • additional insured coverage for persons or organizations available

Additional Coverage for:

  • Research animals
  • Medical and biotechnological records, including the cost of recreating experiments
  • Direct physical loss or damage caused by bio-contamination
  • Loss of grants, endowments and other financial contributions
  • Spoilage
  • Loss resulting from off-premises utility failure
  • And more

PROPERTY COVERAGE- Coverage for your equipment, supplies, and inventory.  Coverage for sudden and accidental computer or equipment failure.  Coverage for related loss of business income or extra expense.

AUTO COVERAGE – Business owned automobiles, trucks and other mobile equipment – year, make, model, mileage, values, driving records are just some of the items that affect pricing.

WORKERS COMPENSATION – coverage for technical employees and clerical staff.  Training programs, safety meetings, claims and payroll levels specifically impact annual cost.

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