Personal Insurance

Life may seem more complicated these days, but an individual’s concern to protect his or her hard earned property remains remarkably simple. Whether you rent a mobile home or own a mansion, drive a Ford or a Ferrari, collect baseball cards or Botticelli’s, there is an absolute need for personal lines insurance.

Hundreds of companies, send thousands of solicitations hawking their insurance products. We have all received them. When consumers call these companies they often discover that while they will write the auto, they won’t write the rental property, or they’ll be happy to write your home, but will not schedule your extensive wine collection. Because of this people often wind up with various policies at different companies, and a sense of dissatisfaction with the entire insurance industry.

At Barbary Insurance Brokerage, we take a different approach. Because we are an agent and a broker, we have access to a tremendous number of companies and products. We will find the perfect insurance policy to meet your needs and present you with options and solutions to make managing your coverage as simple and affordable as possible. One phone call, to one agency – it’s really that simple.

Barbary sells all Personal Lines  – homeowner, renter/condominium and automobile – including coverage for:

  • Mobile home
  • Motor home
  • Collectible Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • Collections (wine, jewelry, art, etc.)
  • Rental properties – up to four units
  • Personal Umbrellas
  • Standalone personal liability
  • Vacant dwellings
  • Farm/Ranch policies
  • And more

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