More Californians burned by insurers as cost to control wildfires soars

This is an article from the September 30 issue of “Insurance Business America.” If your home is near a brush fire zone you may be in for a surprise. One of the important values that Barbary Insurance Brokerage adds is that we shop for your coverage. If you do receive a non-renewal on your home policy we work hard to get the coverage replace.

It just got even more difficult to place homeowners risk in California.

State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced Tuesday that many more policyholders can expect to be dropped from fire coverage as wildfires and drought continue to ravage the state.

Phil Stokes is just one resident who has been dropped from his insurance company. Although Stokes’ home is surrounded by a concrete driveway, is located one mile away from the nearest fire station and the wild grass is cut short, Liberty Mutual sent Stokes a letter last week saying his policy will not be renewed because of an “unacceptable risk of wildfire.”

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